NS Forest Industry Economic Impact

Over the past year, Forest Nova Scotia worked with Gardner Pinfold Consultants to conduct an analysis of the economic impact of the Nova Scotia Forest Industry. The results, finalized in December of 2016 were released at Forest Nova Scotia’s AGM on January 25th, 2017.

$2.1 Billion in total economic impact ($1.5 Billion in 2012)
11,500 Nova Scotians are employed directly and indirectly by the forest industry. (10,200 in 2012)
$800 million contribution to provincial GDP ($575 million in 2012)
– Forest Products industry ranks 5th in NS contribution to GDP in the Goods Producing Sector
– Forest Products industry ranks 2nd in NS jobs in Goods Producing Sector
– Forest Products industry ranks 3rd in NS exporters in Goods Producing Sector

Read the full report here: (PDF)
FNS Economic Impact Report – Gardner Pinfold

Click here to download the infographic that outlines the key points of the economic impact analysis and other handy facts about the industry: