We’re the largest organization of forestry interests in the province. Since 1934, we’ve served as the voice of the forest industry in Nova Scotia.

Through a volunteer Board of Directors and technical committees, we work with industry, stakeholders and federal, provincial and municipal governments to ensure forest management and stewardship policies are adhered to.


As an advocate of the forest sector, Forest Nova Scotia will work proactively with members, committees, governments and other stakeholders to assess and respond to opportunities and challenges. Forest NS will identify, evaluate and promote policies and technologies that strengthen our forests, communities and associated businesses.


Forest NS is the respected voice of all sectors of a modern, renewable, socially responsible industry that is the globally competitive economic backbone of our province.

Working closely with its diverse membership, Forest NS promotes healthy, productive forests that provide goods jobs, recreational, cultural and environmental benefits for all Nova Scotians.

Forest NS strives to achieve this balance through the advancement of modern and appropriate policies, technology and education.


  • Advocacy
  • Industry Competitiveness
  • Environment and Sustainable Forest Management


With the largest area of certified forest land in the world (161 million hectares in 2015), Canada is at the forefront of responsible forest management.

Canada has maintained over 90 per cent of its original forest cover, making us a global leader in balanced forest production and protection. Canadian forest companies are also embracing sustainability certification as a natural step in responsible forest management.

As industry members, we’re proud of these impressive numbers. They’re an important part of our story.


Nova Scotia has an Acadian forest, while much of the rest of Canada has Boreal forest.

Nova Scotia’s forests cover over four million hectares, or 75 per cent of the province. Our forests are a diverse, dynamic and productive resource. They provide our province with environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits.

Forest Nova Scotia members, including businesses and individuals, are responsible for managing more than three million acres of Nova Scotia forestland. We take this responsibility seriously and a key part of this is ensuring we operate sustainably, because we’re committed to growing and maintaining healthy forests for you and your family.

Nova Scotia Forests are:

  • 35 per cent Federal and Provincial Crown lands
  • 10 per cent industrial private woodlands
  • 55 per cent small private woodlots


Primary forestry and related manufacturing are industrial anchors of Nova Scotia’s economy.

2016 study by Gardner Pinfold Consultants of Nova Scotia’s forest industry shows:
$2.1 Billion in total economic impact ($1.5 Billion in 2012)
11,500 Nova Scotians are employed directly and indirectly by the forest industry. (10,200 in 2012)
$800 million contribution to provincial GDP ($575 million in 2012)
– Forest Products industry ranks 5th in NS contribution to GDP in the Goods Producing Sector
– Forest Products industry ranks 2nd in NS jobs in Goods Producing Sector
– Forest Products industry ranks 3rd in NS exporters in Goods Producing Sector


Forestry and related industries span across the province. They’re the backbone of employment in rural Nova Scotia. Management of private woodlands in the province account for thousands of  jobs in harvesting, silviculture, trucking and road building. Over 1200 families grow and cut Christmas trees across the province and employ thousands in the process.

Major forestry industrial sites in Nova Scotia include:

  • Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Ltd. – Pictou
  • Port Hawkesbury Paper – Port Hawkesbury
  • Louisiana Pacific Corp. – Chester
  • J.D. Irving Ltd. – Truro
  • Marwood Ltd. – Bedford & Brookfield
  • Ledwidge Lumber – Enfield
  • Elmsdale Lumber Co. – Elmsdale
  • Harry Freeman and Son – Greenfield
  • Scotsburn Lumber – Scotsburn
  • Taylor Lumber – Middle Musquodoboit
  • Great Northern Timber – Sheet Harbour
  • Hefler Quality Lumber – Middle Sackville
  • Turner & Turner Lumber – West Northfield
  • JA Turner & Sons – West Northfield
  • Williams Brother Ltd. – Barney’s Rivers
  • Scotia Pallets Ltd. – Goshen
  • Groupe Savoie – Westville
  • BA Fraser Lumber – Margaree Valley
  • Brooklyn Power – Brooklyn